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Soof scarf - Jamli

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Only 3 in the treasure chest.


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Limited edition designs available now!

The treasure keepers of this craft are women who embroider immaculate geometric designs onto various textiles.

These skilful women emblazon various motifs on the cloth by embroidering on the reverse side of the cloth by counting the warp and weft threads. They first visualize the designs mentally and then bring them to life without drawing anything on the cloth for guidance.


  • MATERIAL: 100 % organic cotton and natural vegetable dyes
    • Normal hand wash with mild soap and water
    • Dry in sunlight 


Have a design in mind? Get in touch for customised handwoven rug designs!

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  • Kharad Rug - The Great Indian Bustard

    Kharad Rug - The Great Indian Bustard

    The texture and design of the rug is exquisite and reflects the artisans craftsmanship, patience and hardwork.
    The durability of the material makes it an invaluable possession.
    This a rug like this has incredible value for money.
    As l am a wildlife enthusiast, the bustard design appealed to me, somehow, the fate of the survival of this beautiful bird and these age-old traditional crafts, both seem woven together, in an intangible manner.
    Kudos to TerraPortier for focussing and highlighting the same ❤️

    Smita Krishnan

  • Soof Stole

    Soof Stole

    I live in Hamburg and wearing this treasure made in India by an artisan who is sharing their traditions - this is quite special.
    I get compliments whenever I wear this beautiful Soof stole.
    I really like the quality, colours, fabric and the motifs - they all combine to create this versatile piece that can be paired with multiple outfits and colours.

    I also love to wear it because of what it represents and how it connects us to the creator of this beautifully crafted piece. The fact that we can contribute to the sustainability and way of life of an endangered culture is a powerful opportunity.

    Grace Kankindi

Destination 1 : Kutch

Made with <3

The very first TerraPortier portal is opening into Kutch, the largest district of India.

TerraPort with us into this unique hotspot of cultures, landscapes and biodiversity on earth.

Home to one of the largest salt deserts of the world, Kutch has a mind boggling diversity of landscapes from mangroves, to grasslands to thorny forests and even coral reefs!

Communities from various traditions and faiths call Kutch home and they all come together to form the most unique blend of cultures, world-views, crafts & livelihoods. 

The land is alive with a rich tapestry of cultural expressions that include pottery, weaving, metal work, woodwork, various types of embroideries, folk music instruments and more!

When we traveled to Kutch in January 2020, we only experienced a small slice of all of the awesomeness that Kutch has to offer.Over these years we have developed a special bond with some of these craftspeople who are carrying the torch of their cultures and unique crafts against all odds. We are really excited to share some of their creations with you.

In the TerraPortier Shop, we are bringing these unique treasures imbued with soul and magic from these lands as limited edition designs and pieces.

Join the TerraPortier community as an Amji Cosmic, the protectors of treasures & create your unique cosmic signature.

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