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    Come celebrate places, people, biodiversity, cultures and crafts across the cosmos with us !

  • Each of our treasures is uniquely created by the artisans, our treasure keepers

    They magically weave traditional with the contemporary to create these masterpieces

  • Create your own unique cosmic signature

    Be the guardian of treasures emblazoned with unique embroidered & hand block-printed motifs

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Travel the globe with us

The world is pulsating with stories waiting to be told, cultures to be shared and experienced, places to be seen, biodiversity to be celebrated.

Experience the world through new crafts, music, designs, stories, languages and more as you beat to a new rhythm & create your own life story.


Calling all Amji Cosmics!!

TerraPort to the metaverse & immerse yourself in various adventures and landscapes featured in the TerraPortier comic.

Participate in the mission through the purchase of the treasures featured in the story & directly support bio-cultural diversity and sustainable livelihoods across the world!

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